• includes daily turnout with appropriate protective equipment, blanketing, feet picked
  • two feeding of grain with vitamins daily
  • five hay feeds minimum each day
  • ISF will make an effort to bring as much hay and feed as possible to horse shows

Indoor | $1650.00
Outdoor | $675.00


  • includes maximum of five rides or lessons per week, can be a combination of trainer rides and client lessons
  • schooling round day coaching at horse shows
  • show ring rides (grooming not included)
  • regular trimming of manes and bridal paths
  • some laundry, packing for shows and loading of horses
  • routine vet, farrier and body work care schedule and handling of horses for appointments
  • all records including vaccinations, worming, health papers, coggins tests, fei requirements
  • entering horse shows

Full training 4+ services per week | $800.00

Partial training 3 services per week | $650.00

Additional fee charged per week | $150.00

(if client is away more than 7 consecutive days per billing month)


10 lessons with horse and tack provided | $680.00
(all lessons must be redeemed within a 90 day term)


Rookie rider 12 hr of instruction per session | $350.00
Learn to ride level 1 with school horse | $550.00
Learn to ride level 1 with your own horse | $450.00
( 8 mounted 1 hr lessons, 2 hours theory)


10% commission charged on purchases and sales and all lease fees.
Additional expenses incurred while shopping will be charged.


Coaching (day fees) | $60.00
Horse show set up charge and daily feeding | $80.00 (weekly)
Groom supply fee | $10.00 (weekly)
Stall care (daily) | $35.00
Show help (daily) | $55.00

Show Grooming (daily) $75.00

Full care (daily) | $95.00

All clients pay $80.00 per week for set-up and daily feeding
Ironstone farms provides staff to ensure the feeding program remains consistent. Any feed or supplements provided by clients must be in original packaging or it cannot be fed. All feed and supplies are transported to the show, stalls are bedded and ready for the horses’ arrival, tack rooms and set up are complete. Clients are responsible for packing their tack trunks and moving them to the main door of the barn ready for transport. Ironstone will be available to load and receive the horses when clients are unable but the expectation is that clients will assist whenever possible. Ironstone orders shavings for the group as a whole and costs will be split evenly. Under no circumstances are clients to feed or medicate their own horse!

Stall care $35.00 per day
Stall will be cleaned twice daily, bedding added as required, wraps off and legs checked, water buckets clean and refilled.
Clients will ensure that their horse is hand-walked or hacked before 9:00am.
If you opt out of stall care all chores must be completed by the client before 9:00am, no exceptions.

Show help $55.00 per day
Includes stall care plus one hand-walk by ironstone, assistance with tacking and untacking, horse will be brought to the ring if required, longeing, and help with unbraiding, bandaging, bathing etc. Clients will assist whenever possible and are required to hand-walk at least one additional time.

Full care $95.00 per day
Full care of the horse. This is only available when the circumstances make it impossible for the client to be at the show at all.

Coaching (day fees) $60.00 per day
Day fees are only charged for days that student goes in the ring. Warm-up days, schooling ring lessons, schooling rounds and show rides are included in the monthly training package.


This fee is split equally between horses.
Expenses include but are not limited to: transportation, accommodation, and per diem.


Local shows (south side of city in barn horses price only) | $105.00
Any distance shows | TBD
Monthly parking of trailers at ISF | $75.00