Our #1 priority is the horse’s care and well-being.

We have built enormous grass turn-out paddocks, with safe three rail fencing for individual turn-out, so horses can move around and eat grass as horses were meant to.

There are three separate heated barns and a 70’x180’ heated indoor arena. Horses are blanketed and un-blanketed appropriately for daily turn-out, and monitored while outside.

Horses love the quiet environment provided by the smaller barns, and enjoy 12×12 stalls. The stalls are deep bedded with shavings and have water buckets so that horses daily water intake can be monitored.

We offer individual feeding programs with locally sourced hay and grains to meet each horse’s specific nutritional requirements.

We coordinate farrier and veterinary appointments for all horses, including regular and emergency needs.

Ironstone horses are not only cared for throughout the day, but are tucked in at night by the facility owners and live-in staff who know each and every horse and their behaviours.