All riders and horses participate in the full training program.


Riders are eligible for, but not limited to, three group lessons per week with one lesson focusing on each of the following: flat work (Tuesday), specific skill development and gymnastic work (Wednesday through Friday), and course work (Saturday).

With fitness at the forefront of the program for the health and soundness of the equine athlete, ISF requires all horses to work a minimum of five days each week.  The customers each receive as much or as little assistance riding from our trainers to maintain this level of consistent work.

All horses left in our care are ridden 5 days a week.


In addition to our monthly program we organize in house training clinics throughout the year; bringing in wonderful resources such as Olympic dressage riders, masters of the sport of show jumping and sports psychology professionals.


We help each rider develop an annual competition plan based on their goals and resources.  Helping riders find suitable equine partners is another area of expertise we offer to our students.

Competition support for our students includes organizing entries for and transportation to events, preparing stalls and tack areas at competition venues, daily scheduling and coaching for each rider. When necessary we can provide stall cleaning, grooming and professional rides at competition.

The farm is located in the heart of southern Alberta’s show jumping community with over 20 weeks of competition within 10 km. This convenience facilitates the development of horses and riders with year round competitions available at every level.  Our annual competition schedule also allows opportunities for travel to venues throughout North America.

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